Oliver Nally

Oliver is a Leadership and Management expert who partners with his clients to enable them to achieve more. He listens, focuses on the potential and unlocks performance. He brings an openness, honesty and directness to the coaching relationship which enables the client to change.

With over 20 years’ experience in the public sector, with qualifications in Management, Leadership and Executive Coaching he brings a real energy, a sense of lived experience and a positive attitude to the possibility of transformation. Oliver’s approach is one of deep listening, careful understanding and of supporting each client on their journey.


Over 20 Years Experience in the Public Sector.


Oliver holds a Masters in Management as well as Diplomas in Leadership and Executive Coaching.


Along with an array of psychometric tools, Oliver brings a real energy and sense of lived experience combined with a positive attitude to the possibility of transformation.


Oliver’s approach is one of deep listening, careful understanding and of supporting each client on their journey.

Leonard Conaty


As part of the Achieve More team I bring 5 years experience of coaching with senior management in the Irish police service. I listen with empathy and create a space for managers to think and reflect as they develop in their role. My sessions create a psychological safe space where clients talk openly and candidly about their developmental areas without a sense deficit. I help to ensure clarity and focus in setting goals. I am warm, energetic and optimistic. My coaching sessions are built around the concept of appreciative inquiry.

I have over 29 years’ experience in the public sector. I am currently in charge of senior leadership development in An Garda Síochána. Over the last 10 years I have designed, delivered, facilitated and evaluated leadership development programmes for supervisory ranks, middle, senior and executive management within the police service. These development programmes insure a balance between the operational functionaity of each rank and core supervisory, management and leadership competencies.

I have implemented Mentoring programmes at supervisory, middle management and senior management level. I coordinate and manage external executive coaching for senior and executive management.

I have introduced and embedded the use of psychometric tools for all management levels as a form for personal development including 360 feedback using Emotional Intelligence competencies.

I have the experience of working with other police services in Europe, Africa and the United States.


I have over 350 hours and five years coaching experience.


• Level 9 Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching in the Irish Management Institute. First Class Hons and Student of the year 2015.
• Myers Briggs (MBTI) Step 1 Certified
• Myers Briggs (MBTI) Team Certified
• Myers Briggs (MBTI) Coaching Certified
• 16PF Certified Practitioner
• EQi Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner
• ECR Emotional Intelligence 360 Certified Practitioner.
• Supervisory Leadership GRID Practitioner.
• Qualified practitioner in Competency Based Interviewing.
• Level 7 Diploma in Business.

Subject Matter Expertise

• Leadership and Management Development.
• Executive, Career Coaching and Personal Development.
• Team Behaviours, Development Coaching and Development        Skills.
• Facilitation skills.
• Managing Performance.
• Psychometric profiling.